Mobile Welding Service

Mobile Welding Service is a convenient service for many reasons. For example its possible you cannot bring your Automotive, Off road, Equipment, or Boat Repair to me. Let's say existing metal handrail or stairs need attention right away. You may be stuck on side of the road needing Welding on your Tow Trailer or R.V. 

The scenarios are endless and that's why this is a great service. My shop truck is equipped with a lift gate for Pick Up and even Delivery of large heavy items. Give us a call if you need Pick Up.  

Mechanical Assemblies

Throughout my experience working in Industrial Plants and Machine Shops I have come across many different Mechanical Assemblies. I began my career in 1994 as a Milwright's helper. I began my apprenticeship in an Extrusion Plant. 

After this I began working in an Industrial Repair shop. We Repaired Mechanical Brides and inspection trolley. I learned how Mechanical Functions operate on a large scale as a Mechanical Welder. Some years later I began Working in a Machine Shop that developed mechanical prototypes. 

Here I also learned how to build Jigs and Assemble Weldments for production. If you have a project that requires Mechanical Assembly or Mechanical Repair call me. If you need a Jig built or want me to build one for Production or Manufacture of parts I can do that also.

Residential Construction

Started doing Residential Construction in 2004 as an assistant Superintendent with up to 15 homes at various construction stages. "from tagging trees to handing keys".

Within first year was promoted to Superintendent and began Construction Management of Townhomes. If you need an onsite Project Manager or Scheduling Coordinator call me.

If you want to add steel to your home or have stairs or hand railing that need attention or need to be replaced. Maybe you need doors set or want ornamental art the possibilities are endless when speaking of homeowner creativity. Give us a call with your idea.

Industrial & Structural

Do you have a new piece of machinery to set up that needs a foundation, special mount, or mechanical arrangement? Does your job require Structural Steel Fabrication of  beams, columns, braces, connection plates, clip angles, base plates or leveling plates for pouring footings? 

That's right up my alley. I began in 1996 working for the Iron workers. I belonged to a shopmen's local which meant our focus was fabrication of all structural and ornamental steel as opposed to hanging the steel we shipped to the sites. 

The benefit to having this shop experience was blueprint reading, structural steel layout including stairs, handrails, steel cutting, fitting, and welding. Whatever your Structural Steel needs I can build them. 

If you have pipe that needs to be welded call me I am a certified Pipe Welder. 


Maybe you are an Automotive enthusiast. Possibly Flipping Cars, Modifications, or Body Work is your hobby or how you make your living. Hire a good Welder you can rely on to produce quality work.

Maybe you are starting from the ground up and need Chassis work. Possibly you may need to rip out and install floor or trunk pans or other body parts.

If you are doing a new work instead of spending all that money ordering from catalogs my TIG welder can turn out some pretty nice parts at a lower price than some catalog parts it all depends on your preference.

Want a set of Bumper or Rock guards, a Roll Cage? Want to outfit your rig with fancy diamond plate? Changing your Suspension or want to lift your vehicle this is the place for you. I cannot even mention all the possibilities. What I like most about Automotive is the creativity of the owners.

Marine Fabrication and Boat Repairs

I began working in the Marine Industry in 1999. Shipbuilding and Boat repair has an Engineering unto itself. I have Personally participated in 2 major new construction vessels  at 2 different major Shipyards.

I have experienced and accomplished many Re Fit, Insert, Fracture, Bracket, Tanks, Mach. Foundation, Deck, Hull, Pipe, Bulkhead, Watertight fixes you name it if I haven't on the repair side at many locations around our beautiful country's fine coasts.

I have worked for a few companies here in Port Angeles. If you need Boat Repairs call me. It doesnt matter if your boat is Steel, Aluminum, or Fiberglass needing Stainless or Aluminum parts.